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Welcome to AKM Global

At AKM Global, we have endless opportunities for the ones who have the passion to change the world, are research oriented, believe in client centric approach and can deliver “wow” services to them. Whether you are an industry expert or just starting your career, you have the potential to become a key part of our team. You will be motivated, mentored, challenged to hone your skills and bring the best in you.

Together We are Better

Whether you are just entering the accounting profession or beginning your training or are planning to take the next leap in your career; choosing a place that is employee-friendly and offers growth opportunities become some very important aspects to consider before saying yes. At AKM Global, there have seen many happy employees’ stories. We offer a variety of projects to choose from, regular training, as well as fun time to enjoy working with people you like and respect.

Your Career Growth

At AKM Global, you will get support to pursue a career path that is right for your growth. You will get exposed to a wide range of projects to enrich your experience while working with us. You get 40 to 50 hours of training as well as mentoring from seasoned partners to help you progress and gain experience in your chosen area of expertise.

Time for What Matters

While you work to earn and grow in your career life, we understand that you are more than your work. At AKM Global, we believe it is important to spend time with your friends and families before delivering your best at work. We offer around 200 hours of compensated leaves plus 12 paid annual holidays. In addition to this, you get Flexi hours to attend to your personal needs and tasks.

Fun Time

We understand that while you work, it is equally important to get involved in recreational activities to boost team spirit and make work-life more interesting. We have regular get-togethers where you get more happy hours to develop bonds with your peers. You can also use our Ping-Pong table and participate in our season tournaments.

So, are you ready to join an accounting firm that offers excellent growth opportunities in a fun-filled environment?

Learn more about our open opportunities in entry-level positions, internships, and experienced professional positions.

Health and Wellness

Your health and that of your family are of utmost importance to us. We are committed to helping you and offering extensive medical packages to ensure that you and your family are covered.

Our People

People are strength of any business, and we really appreciate the importance of people working for us as they are an asset of our firm. To appreciate the efforts we offer generous perks including extensive medical policies and referrals. We also offer training programs for professional growth. In addition to this we also offer free meals and other perks during busy season.

Looking For Career Growth? Let’s Talk!

You want to achieve your goals but need help. We are there to achieve your professional goals. How do we do it?

We have a growing base of clients from different industries. It allows excellent exposure to diverse assignments that can boost your career. The skills you acquire during your tenure combined with business acumen will help in making great progress in your career.

We also understand that sometimes the road to success in a career is not straight. There are hindrances due to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, you might want to opt for a sabbatical or think about a different area of practice. We at AKM Global encourage our people to come to us with their queries and concerns as some of us have been through a similar phase in our lives. You might have a clear idea of what path you want to pursue or you are looking for some help, you can get the right to advise to move forward.

Open Opportunity

We believe in collaborating and together we share a balanced commitment to the achievements of our clients, our firm, and each other. We walk an extra mile to reach our goals and if you think you are a go-getter and can make things happen for clients, please write to


With this being our first year to use AKM, I anticipated some bumps along the way and those did not occur. I was very impressed with the level of “self-review” from AKM before it was sent to us for review. It was great when we sent things back for changes that those changes were consistently made with any other returns done. It was a pleasure working with Asif and Suresh and we would be happy to work with both of them again next year. This year went so smoothly, that we will be looking at what additional work can be sent to AKM for next year.

Partner Tax: Accounting firm based headquartered in Kansas City

We’ve been providing feedback as we go through the process. We are sending another batch of returns through this week. Each time, we are collectively getting better with the process. We are very pleased with the work. We already had committed to Sureprep (and prepaid) for them to do the work in the fall. This was before I realized that your firm provided these services for tax preparation. We plan to continue to send work your way throughout the rest of the year ahead as well.

Partner Tax: Accounting firm based headquartered in Seattle

I would highly recommend AKM Global’s outsourcing services. They were very helpful during the busy Tax season. High level of attention from the senior management during the onboarding process gave great confidence to us.

Partner Tax: Accounting firm based headquartered in Ohio