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About Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

In a new or an existing setup, the expense of maintaining a fully-fledged accounts department becomes an expensive affair and lack of efficient and effective department may pose a considerable risk to the growing business. Bookkeeping outsourcing services are prevalent for a long time now. However, with the advancement of technology, people now have access to bookkeeping services online i.e. a business can hire a bookkeeper without any geographical boundary.
It is important to keep the accounting records up to date however; spending hours in handling books takes away the productivity. Therefore, maintaining books of accounts is not only a very consuming job but at the same time very expensive. When the aim of businesses is to cut cost on mundane tasks; outsourcing of accounting services becomes one of the most viable solutions. Having experts looking into the routine tasks leaves you with ample of time to focus on other strategic plans for the business. Outsourcing will help you in not only lowering the administrative expense but also help in ensuring that your accounting data is going to be up-to-date and correct.
We are specialized in small and medium-sized businesses like Real Estate, Construction, Retail, Restaurants, Education, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Agricultural, Logistics, Online Trading, Online Marketing and Much more…..

Do you need to outsource your bookkeeping/accounting services?

If the answer to below questions is “Yes” then maybe it is the right time to outsource.
Are you not able to devote time to the operations because the books of accounts are messed up?
You have software but are not able to fully understand or utilize it?
Are you not able to track the money spent on day today business operations?
Now you don't have to search for "bookkeeping services near me" anymore. We have a dedicated team that uses latest technologies to provide you seamless bookkeeping outsourcing services. We understand that every client has different needs, and we can provide personalized bookkeeping solutions keeping in mind client's requirement. With in-depth experience on working on different accounting assignments, the team is well equipped in adapting to challenging assignments and delivering seamless services.
The clients are allocated their own dedicated virtual bookkeeper to handle and manage their accounting tasks. Transactions are documented properly and are reconciled on an on-going basis so that the correct financial data is available to the client at any time. Our team has the expertise to add value to your business, regardless of whether you are a small-scale or a mid-sized business.

Our core bookkeeping services include but not limited to:

Market-specific expertise and advice on accounting and payroll outsourcing, taxation and reporting
Assistance to corporate in formation of accounting policies & procedures
General ledger review, analysis and Finalization
Maintenance of accounts-payable and accounts-receivable
Maintenance, Review and Inspection of Fixed Assets
Monthly Bank reconciliation, Credit Card and Deposit verification
Preparation and analysis of financial statements
Customized financial reporting on monthly, quarterly and annual basis
Asistance with budgeting and forecasting
Backlog Accounting Service
Customized Services - Revenue Accounting, Inventory Management, Expense Management based on different softwares

Why should one
Outsource Bookkeeping and
Accounting Process?

Outsource partner allows you to focus on your core business activity better.
Save capital expenditure on infrastructure like computer system, workspace, etc.
It helps to reduce costs on overhead expenses like salary and other benefits.
You get access to a pool of experts serving you without high-cost implications.
A competent outsourcing partner helps synergize your overall business efficiency
It helps take advantage of newer technology for improved overall business efficiency.
Personalized bookkeeping services aligned with business goals

Why Us?

With the benefits of online or virtual bookkeeping, it is easier to supervise the working of the team experts by conducting virtual meetings and updating on software. Here is why you should choose us:

Fully Managed Service

Handling your accounts couldn’t get easier – just handover all your data to us and let us handle our book-keeping, tax filings and give you reports to track your company’s financials.

Review & Reporting

Have a team of accountants but spend a lot of time reviewing their work? Let us have our team of Accounts Managers review your books for you monthly. As an added bonus we will also handle all your tax filings and reports.


Is constant attrition in your accounts departments holding you down? We’ve got your back! With our staffing solution we worry about giving you the right candidate to handle your work while you focus on going.

No Administrative Overheads

Handling payroll taxes, employee benefits, paying for sick leave and recruitment costs, or worrying about administrative overheads becomes a thing of the past as our virtual assistants work even on holidays. The client can schedule meetings with the certified accountants or experts as well around the month-end.

Huge cost Savings

You can save on thousands of dollars as compared to the cost of hiring, training, and maintaining in-house accountants. Our services help you generate more revenue, grow your business, and eliminate the need for maintaining an accounting department to supervise to and fro with the systematic virtual platform.

No Software Concerns

The benefit of the online accounting and bookkeeping services is that you no longer need to worry about accounting software problems, taking backups, or even installing upgrades.

Flexible Part Time Hiring

If your bookkeeping volume is low, you can hire our bookkeeper on a part-time basis, saving the cost of employing a full-time bookkeeper as per your requirements. You only have to pay for the services you require.

Real-time Updates

Get any time access to up-to-date and accurate online accounting information with virtual accounting services that add value to your company.