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About Payroll Management

Payroll is not just about paying your people. It requires lot of back and forth computation of salary, complying with all the statutory mandates and obligations and moreover managing people in your database.
very month salaries needs to be disbursed to the employees in an accurate and timely manner. This is both time consuming and complicated as several factors need to be taken into consideration including reimbursements, loan advances, leaves and other such inputs while managing salary structures. Companies also need to comply with several regulations while managing payroll. Outsourcing Payroll could be a viable a solution, if you feel that Payroll is taking away considerable amount of time and efforts.
We have a team of highly qualified chartered accountants who focus exclusively on the payroll and guarantee more than 99% accuracy in payroll processing. We keep the employee communication transparent while maintaining high level of confidentiality.
Payroll services are our core competence. We ensure that you will have local experts constantly keeping up to speed with the latest legislative changes and performing all payroll services. This means that your business does not have to dedicate time and resources to learning about complex legislation, collective agreements and keep up with changes. You will save hours of administrative work, maintain compliance and secure positive employer image
Our team can help in vast reduction of your time, effort and money spent on payroll administration by providing you with their customised payroll processing services specially curated to match with your business needs.

Payroll Management Services We Offer:

Assistance in HR policies & procedures.
Maintenance of Employee Records.
Preparation of payroll, direct deposit, quarterly tax reports and tax liability deposits.
Payroll tax compliance services.
Map the timesheets and prepare employee payslips, salary, and PF.

If required, we will also assist with tasks related to employee life cycle management like preparing employment contracts and giving local guidelines and advice for family leaves (maternity, paternity, adoption, parental), holidays, sick pay, absenteeism and much more. We also provide legal services related to employment law and collective agreements.

Why Outsource?

Payroll Management Process

Maintenance of monthly payroll processing and master data based on inputs received.
Generation of reports based on the information asked by the employees.
Collating and vetting of investment proof at the end of each year.
Reimbursement against expenses after approval and submission of claims.

Why Us?

The laws, compliances and obligations related to payroll are changing constantly. We will follow the changes on your behalf and we will ensure that the services are produced in accordance with the current regulations, whether it is about the tax regulations or the provisions of Human resource laws.
With AKM Global outsourced payroll service, you get acquainted with the highly trained team and can obtain plethora of benefits just like other clients who have used our services. We process over a thousand payslips every month, and so we can assure you that your payroll is processed accurately.
Some other benefits of choosing AKM Global for your Payroll Service are –
AKM Global is best third party Payroll Company in India reckoned by various companies, as a trusted partner who offers cutting-edge yet uncomplicated solutions. Take a sneak peek into our payroll services:-
35+ Years of experience in payroll industry and one of the largest payroll service providers.
Our payroll Consultants complies with all the statutory laws
Best practices that ensure 100% Payroll Solutions Online.
Competitive pricing with no hidden charges/fees
A full suite of payroll outsourcing services for Small Business for you to choose from to manage leave and attendance etc.
Expert Payroll Services and Integrated payroll services only a call away.