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About US Tax Outsourcing Services

AKM Global’s offers comprehensive outsourced tax services to several CPA firms in the US and Canada. Our seasoned experts have hands-on experience in dealing with complicated returns.
Finding a decent tax professional who is well versed with diverse areas such as Partnership Tax Return, Small Corporation Tax return, Corporation Tax Return, Payroll Tax Return, could be challenging and expensive. With our experts you get assistance in all the areas at a much lesser cost. Our clients who were reluctant to outsource first have been happy and can now vouch that outsourcing their tax function has helped them in focus more on their core business.

How do we make a difference?

While preparing and processing your tax returns, we go through to each detail to analyze and interpret profit and loss to be reported in your tax return. In addition to this, we categorize the line items in your source documents and take position on treatment and taxability for each account while providing outsourcing tax returns preparation and processing services. Once a final draft of the tax return is finally prepared after closing all tax positions and accurate categorization of each item provided by you, we send our viewpoints, observations and comments (if, any) to you. We may also reach out to you for clarifications or details if required.

Ease out busy season pressure with AKM Global’s Tax Outsourcing Services

Our team aims to not only augment your business but also ease out the pressure that comes during the peak season. We have established a remarkable reputation with our outsourcing tax preparation services. We are committed towards processing all outsourced accounting operations and tax projects within a pre-agreed timeframe.
Our Services
With integration of standardization processes, we help in increasing efficiency that allows your staff to utilize the extra time to focus on core activities.
With our tax services, you have great control while we facilitate consistency and flexibility. We can help you with:

Federal Tax Preparation Services

Individual Income Taxes
'C' Corporation Income Taxes
S' Corporation Income Taxes
Partnership Income Taxes
Fiduciary Income Taxes
Non-Profit Corporation Taxes
Heavy Equipment Use Taxes
Non-Resident Tax Return Preparation
Small Business Tax Return Preparation
Other Forms (8582,8801,8812,8829,8825 etc.)
Other International Forms (5471, 8865 etc.)
Trust return form 1041

State Tax Return Services

Individual Income Taxes (for all states)
Corporation Income Tax Returns
Partnership Income Tax Returns
Intangible Tax Returns
Tangible Tax Returns
Charter/Franchise Tax Returns
Capital gains taxes
Other forms (706,709 etc.)

Divisions Corporations Partnerships Individuals

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Quick turnaround

With difference in timezone, turnaround time becomes fast. We take the requirement today work on it during your log out, we have updates sent to you before you log in the next day
On an average, our team prepares tax returns with review notes and gets back to the clients within 12—36 hours of submission. We do not ask for change in any process rather we follow the processes already established by your company.

Software we use

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We Take Data Security Very Seriously

Our services consist of a precise and proven process which facilitates a one of the best operational environment and error-free workflow committed towards integrity and maintaining confidentiality of customer’s information.
High end surveillance equipped with 24*7 cameras
Security scans at both machine and network levels
Point-to-point data links
Access Control lists and computer access logs are maintained and monitored
Non-disclosure Agreements with all employees

Why Should You Outsource to AKM ?

7 Years of Experience
Strong Domain knowledge of tax return preparation
Most of our employees have a rich work experience of Big 4s’
Deep Knowledge & Experience of latest tax & accounting softwares
Utmost security and confidentiality
Quick turnaround time
One stop solution for your accounting and tax issues.
We do offer reliable bookkeeping services as well to our clients

Reasons to choose us as your tax return preparation service provider.

With highest standards in business ethics and robust infrastructure have set the stage of for uninterrupted Tax Preparation service to the clients. We are proud to have a team of preparers and reviewers which are dedicated to excellence and believe in offering services that are nothing less than the best.
At AKM, our business practices resonate with the highest standards in the industry. The company conducts training workshops for our accounting professionals and Tax Preparers to ensure that they stay updated with the latest tools and technologies that are implemented within our gamut of services.
We are proficient in handling different types of tax returns, forms and workpaper preparation services and this outshines us from other competitors.
We are aware that our clients are keen to outsource their tax prep work to reduce their operational costs and we offer customizable and competitive pricing according to the services that we offer to our clients based on their technical requirement and size of the project.
Our team has extensive experience in serving the global clients and mitigates their bookkeeping and tax return woes with quality services and solutions that suit their requirements.

Benefits of outsourcing

By outsourcing your everyday accounting, business processing and, tax preparation services, CPA firms can provide better services to their clients at an effective reduced cost while better managing work flow during hectic tax season.
We aim to provide our clients with our tried and tested in-depth approach towards analysing their data and our staff is specialized to process tax returns and prepare work papers and processes as required by you. We thrive to reduce your review time significantly which enables you to focus on pitching new clients and expansion while we cater to your existing needs.
Our internal organization processes ensure continuous training for our preparation and review staff so that we remain up-to-date. Our team works with updated and recent tax law changes to The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
Our seamless learning procedure ensures that our employees keep up with the ever-changing technology, softwares and process workflow processes to enhance the speed, quality and reduce time
in preparation without hampering the quality.